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I heard about Alison from my local surgery and found her to be a warm and welcoming person who put me at ease and encouraged me to talk. It was comforting and supportive knowing I had somewhere to explore my loss with out judgement . (November 2017)

I am so glad I made the decision to ask for help in dealing with a problem which I didn't have a clue how to tackle . The experience has been hugely helpful and wouldn't hesitate to come again in the future . (October 2017)

I was never a believer of counselling but have now received the most helpful service ever and feel I’m in a better place emotionally. I now understand how historical abuse impacted on me and my current relationship. Thanks Alison (May 2017)

The counsellor gives you the opportunity to talk through your problems without being judged and gave me tools to use to help rebuilt my relationship. I would most definitely recommend this counsellor. (April 2017)

For me counselling has been a life changing/enhancing experience .What I found most helpful was being able to be so open with Alison and her ability to help me see things from different perspectives’ (August 2016)

I would recommend Alison as a counsellor as my experience has been enlightening, life affirming and explorative. She gently guides and nudges you along the path of self discovery and healing. (July 2016 )

I have found Alison to be very understanding and helpful. It’s been great being able to talk which has helped me understand me and make sense of my past. She was recommended to me and I would also recommend her . (June 2016)

Three words that describe my experience of counselling are; insightful, encouraging and reassuring. What was most helpful was being able to talk to someone outside of the situation who was wise and helpful. (February 2016)

I can't thank you enough for helping me through the dark days. You were my lifeline and I will recommend you to anyone in need in the future. I hope I will not need to come back to you but if I ever do I will get in touch. Thanks again and happy new year to you . (January 2016 )

What I find most helpful about my counselling was to be able to talk to someone without being judged, to see things from a different perspective and to act on the guidance been given to me. I was surprised and relieved how counselling had help me to improve my situation. I would not hesitate to recommend Alison as she is a very nice person and very good at listening. She helped me see things from a different angle and made me realise that events from my childhood can shape the person you become as an adult.( December 2015)

Alison has helped me through a 'bad' year giving me a place to talk things through and express my feelings and helped me understand that there is no point in unnecessary worrying. She has also helped me to realise my feelings are somewhat normal. I have and would very much recommend this counsellor. (October 2015)

It's been brilliant having someone to listen to me and not judge. I have found Alison easy to get along with and I have already recommended her to a few friends. ( August 2015)

Alison helped me to develop confidence to be able to resolve problems myself. I felt listened to and had a safe space to bring up any problems. I would definitely recommend this service. (November 2014)

I would recommend this service because Alison is very good at listening to what you have to say and very understanding. Having somebody to talk to and offload all the emotions I have carried for a long time has been a relief to me. I would like to thank Alison for helping me through my problems. (November 2014)

Thank you for helping me through my emotional and painful journey. I feel able to deal with my grief now rather than trying to avoid it. You have given me this space and support that I so much needed, I really appreciate it. Thanks again. (September 2014)

I would recommend the service to colleague/friends as I found the sessions to have a balance of reflection and practical guidance. I liked the use of the time-line and work around the relationship difficulties that I was experiencing has been brilliant.(August 2014)

I would like to thank Alison for all of her help and support over the last year and helping me manage my anger and reaching my goals. I would definitely recommend her. (June 2014)

It was lovely having you as my first experience of counselling and I am really going to miss our sessions. If I could pick you for a friend I would. I really loved our theory chats which supported me in my counselling studies. (June 2013)

I really appreciated the help Alison gave me, it made things a lot clearer for me and helped me sort out my problems which I don’t think I could have done by myself. (May 2013)

Alison is very easy to talk to, encourages you to remember ‘yourself and makes you feel relaxed. I’ve covered a huge journey and have become ‘me’ again thanks to Alison.(January 2013)

I would recommend Alison as I found everything really helpful. The most helpful thing was having someone who understood me and helped give me suggestions. (November 2012)

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